Living in Balance.

Letting go. November 2014

Live more, stress less.

It happened! I was trying to create more space on my hard drive ,to accommodate new files for my business, when I lost everything! Thousands of video, pictures, documents, contact lists you name it. Essentially, my day begins and ends with my calendar on that very computer. Needless to say, I felt panick come over me and then a level of stress that I can't quite explain.

What do I do? Well, thank goodness, I do have most of my files backed up on a external hard drive. So not all is lost. I began to breathe, felt the stress, felt the panic and then just sat with it for a moment. Then I realized, it's all going to be ok. Things like this happen. We feel it, we acknowledge it and then let it go.

The beauty is in the letting go. No matter what it is. No matter how stressful, scary, frustrating or hard something may seem. Letting go is your freedom. Letting go and living right now, in this moment is right where we all need to be.

Yes, I have a challenge ahead of me and a lot of extra work to do, but I have found a positive in this situation. I do have most of my video and pictures of my kids, family, friends. (Whew!) I also know that I can truly say that I have learned to "let go". Even as I write this, the sun is out, the birds are singing, a fresh breeze blowing through the door and I'm greeted with a "Hello mommy" by my little girl. Ahh, there it is. The present.

Life is a gift. Live in the moment, enjoy and let go of what has past.

Live Well.