Living in Balance.

Prepping for the Holidays.

November 10, 2014

The time is upon us and soon we will all be runnng around, like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to prepare for the Holidays.

I especially feel a little stressed out around this time of year. October is a big month for us at my house, because it starts off with my brother's birthday. Shortly thereafter is my husbands birthday and it is very close to Halloween. He loves to decorate our entire house and create a Haunted House outside for the trick or treaters. We always have an "adult" hallowen party for his birthday and then a gathering at our house for the kids on Halloween. It is crazy and chaotic, but a loved and fun tradition.

Immediately following is my mother's birthday and then we start to gear up for my son, London's, birthday which is always near Thanksgiving. Then 5 days later we celebrate my son, Styles', birthday and then my neices and guess what... it's Christmas. I can feel the anxiety as I type.

I always think every year that next year I'll be more organized, have more money saved etc. Yeah, that doesn't happen. Instead it looks like this. I spread myself super thin and get everything and then some done. I end up eating foods I don't normally eat, to save time, having more wine to calm my nerves, eating more chocolate and sweets to comfort myself and never take one single moment for myself. By January I feel as though I've been run over by a Mac Truck and my nerves are shot. I've put on a couple pounds, I'm cranky and I swear it's not going to be the same way next year.

Well, here's what I know.

There is not enough time in the day or days in the week to do everything I want to do. I'm accepting that fact. Eating what I know I shouldn't and drinking more than I should never turns out well. Taking time for myself is vital to my well being and the well being of my family. The most important things always get done and everyone is always happy. I've spent a lot of time with family and friends and thouroghly enjoyed every moment. Isn't that what the Holidays are really about? Spending time with the people we love.

How can we stay on track of our self care? How do we make sure we are not becoming a "Chicken with our head cut off". Eeew!

Here's a thought.

Start scheduling your calendar now. Schedule your self care appointments. Exercise, Yoga, Massage, down time, dates with friends etc. Put them on the calendar and treat it as if it is an appointment for work.

Schedule in the days you will shop. cook, clean (or not) and stick to it. Get a weekly menu in place. This way you can shop and have your kitchen stocked with healthy foods that won't, in the end, slow you down or keep you craving sweets. This prevent you from gaining those extra pounds. If you have party's to ge to, plan ahead and eat before you go so you're not tempted to pig out on sweets and unhealthy snacks.

I'ts all about balance. Have a treat or two every now and then.. just don't have three or four everyday.

Wishing you a peacefull Holiday Season.

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