Living in Balance.

Want to jump start weight loss and feel energized? July 2015

So many people ask me, "What should I be eating to lose weight and have more energy?"

Well, it's pretty simple. Eat real food and crowd out processed packaged foods, sugary drinks and treats. In a nut shell, that's it.

I know it seems easier said than done, but people who join me for my 10 day sugar detox's are usually pretty surprised and pleased with their results. Take a look at some of their testimonials below. I have a detox starting on July 9th and again on July 30th. Sign up today and get the results you deserve. Learn how to eat well while losing weight and improving your health. 10 days could change your life.

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"Lori is patient, kind and truly knowledgable about food and the effects it has on the body. She also understands that everyone is an individual and we all have different needs. I would recommend Lori's program to anyone who is anywhere on their life journey wanting to improve. Lori is just plain awesome!" - Marianne Cummings


"It is really hard at first, but at the end you feel amazing! I have more energy, the puffiness around my eyes is vanishing, my digestive system is functioning better than it has my entire life. Well worth the 100 bucks!" -Dolly Van Trojen

"It's a great way to reduce addictive eating habits and learn more about how food affects your body." -Heidi

"Great support from beginning to end. Loved the daily check in on facebook and ideas. Loved the end result and I am proud of myself for reaching my goals. Once you make up your mind you want to be healthy, it's really easy to do. I thought it would be impossible to give up coffee, but I did it!" - Aranka

"You feel wonderful after about 5 days. You lose the desire for sugar, which is awesome!" - Jamie Clos